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Who am I? How do I work? How did I get here?

I was around 10 when I told my parents that I want to create things that are meaningful. To me, meaningful meant three things: to be functional, beautiful, and especially desirable. If I only knew that I've discovered the sweet spot of product design that early since my existence. 😅

Fast forward my entire life, I've started with a passion for building physical products, I've started with Industrial Design - this helped me a lot to understand all the factors and implication which are to be thought of when building a new product. I've moved on rapidly after a year in the digital side, and I've started to create interfaces for those physical products, I was more intrigued by the human-computer interaction. Since then, that's what I'm focused on: digital product design, with a major focus on UX.

*the process*

For a while, 

 was 'my bible' 📖 - of course, next to 

, which I recommend it to absolutely anyone to be read.

After that, I've started to iterate on my own process. UX Research was a big part of that process. It's a domain by its own and it needs a dedicated section. Nowadays I'm flexible within my process, but I still keep some guidelines for myself.

A snippet of my process (the research part)

If you want to understand more how I work, you can see the process 

 (it's a Miro board). If you're not convinced, let me put here some more screenshots. It's huge - but it's the full version, with all the methods.

*the UX process* - Nope, it's not visible on mobile unless you click on it to see it fullsize in Miro

A holistic view of who I am (professionally)

I consider myself quite well-rounded 🧐 . I like to say that I do Product Strategy and UX/UI Design - it's a thin line between those two disciplines, and it's intentional. 

+ I do design for 7 years. 'till 2016 as a freelancer (from idea to launch). After that, I've worked with/at/for various companies.

+ 4 years ago I've started to develop an interest in business. I co-founded two startups 🚀 

, and 

, got UE finance for one of them, and learned lots of things the hard way: from marketing to branding, to providers and revenue streams.

+ HCI is an important factor in my work. Sometimes I also write papers 📝 about what I research. In 2019 

 (A level conference) and presented it in San Diego. I'm always keeping an eye on the academia world.

+ I am actively involved in education ✒️. Last year I've started to 

 to raise awareness on subjects where information is not that accessible or popular in the local community 

. This year I've been a facilitator at 

, the first startup accelerator for Romanian high-school students. My focus is on topics as innovation, ethics, AI/ML & design, digital sustainability and soft skills development.

+ In the past 2 years I've coached people who wanted to transition from various disciplines to UX/UI 🤟. I believe in a culture of shared knowledge, and because of that, I started working on setting up a guide for how to do start doing UX/UI. It will be released in September.

+ I know HTML and CSS 🖥 . I have a very deep understanding of UI development. I don't code, but I have experience with visual scripting.

+ sometimes I 3D model and 3D print stuff. I also 3d modelled my house 🏠 so I can freshen it up in real life and iterate in the digital one. Random stuff: I've 3D modelled once a pair of shoes.

+ In 2019 I've been chosen by The Next Web and Accenture as one of the top 500 

+ I'm an advocate of 

 and emojis 💆.

schedule a meeting with me and let's talk about [subject]

My values, in short

Knowledge sharing, transparency, punctuality, honesty and dedication.

When it's about work or things that I create, I care to be: meaningful, ethical, sustainable, reliable and traceable.

Alexandra - the person when not working

Well, first of all - thanks for your patience. I talk a lot and I also write a lot. However, if you're still reading this, here are some random facts about me:

• I got a cat 😺 called Luna 🌒. She's a bit fat but she's really cute.

• Not very modest, but I think I'm funny 😝

• I love to travel. My next destination: Tokyo, Japan. 🍣

• I bike. I bike. I bike. 🚴

• You can easily buy me with good food 🍲. I love trying food from different parts of the world. 


Finally, the last sentence. 

Wanna talk? Reach out to me on 

 or set up a meeting on