Let's talk about design.

This is a collection of articles around different aspects design: principles, process, deliverables, tips & tricks, case studies. - All with the scope of guiding and supporting good design. Enjoy.
How to give constructive [design] feedback?A comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to provide frustration-free feedback and create better design outcomes. Communication is full of subtleties, and design critique is no different. Just like any other important discussion, design feedback can quickly...Read more
What is good design?Good design is subjective, can't necessarily be measured, but it feels somehow obvious. What is obvious is most likely to be universally accepted and recognized in the industry as a 'standard'. However, because design is often very personal, good design needs....Read more
01/10 Good design is innovative. No, it's contextual.Innovation” derives from the Latin word innovationem, innovatio (from root "in" + novus "new”; in-novo = renewing ). According to Benoît Godin, this world, of more precisely, “novation" first appeared in 13th century as a term for renewing contracts...Read more